At 5:33 AM, I woke to my apartment rocking back and forth. I thought I had dreamed it. Nope. It was a 4.0 earthquake that hit the Bay Area. It’s probably time to get together a survival kit. So, here’s what I would like to put in my kit, followed by what I should. 

For fun…

A faux fur blanket made of 100% organic cotton from inhabitat.


Kate Spade mittens.


Chocolate covered espresso beans from Dylan’s Candy Bar.


In all seriousness…

A 3-Day, Grab-n-Go Emergency Kit.


Cliff Bar (at least 3).


Alkalizing Water Bottle.


Red Cross Self-Powered Weather Radio, with Cell Phone Charger.



Also, here’s some Earthquake Safety Tips from The Geological Society of America.


That should do it!